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If you click mine, I will surely click yours ;)

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I am a regular guy who once was actively involved in every sport possible, before McDonalds took over my life. Since I can't play them like I used to, I matter as well write about them. I really enjoy all kinds of sports, but truly love baseball, basketball and football as my main attractions.

I was born in New York City and was programmed to like everything New York. Although I am a Yankees fan by heart, I do enjoy just being a fan of the sport of baseball.

I live in Colorado with my wife Misty, and newborn son Alex.

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Sports of course! I obviously love to write. I also enjoy photography and spending quality time with my wife and son.

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My main skills are column writing, photography. I guess I have other ones too!

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What are the Knicks doing?!?! posted on 07/29/2009

Why aren't the Knicks doing something to better themselves this offseason?


The organization is so far up their butts looking into the 2010 season that they seem to care less about what is going on this year. Sure, they might be making all the right moves to give LeBron James the most money that is available to a player, but regardless of money, why would James leave when he won't have very many options around him.

He wants money, but more than anything, he wants a ring. And if he wins the 2009 NBA Championship, you better believe that he will not be leaving Cleveland.

Then what? Project LeBron becomes a failure. Tracy McGrady? I'm sure he would love to play in New York, but at the stage of his career, he wants a ring. Plus, didn't he flirt with the idea that he may retire once his contract is up?

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Surprised with the Rockies? Well, you shouldn't be! posted on 06/23/2009

The Colorado Rockies, a team that went from the N.L. West cellar to just a half a game out of the wildcard spot, have won nine of their last 10 games. They have gone from hosting an 18-28 record to currently standing strong at 37-33.


Better yet, they have won 17 of 18 games, very much similar to the run to the World Series just two years ago. Colorado is 19-5 under head coach Jim Tracy and is 8-2 in interleague play, the best in the majors by percentage points. They have also won nine games in a row on the road, which is unheard of based on previous history.


Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. This is what should be expected, even with the off-season departure of Matt Holiday.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no fluke. No one ever seems to take the Rockies seriously, which in 2007, and now, has provided an advantage, which has led to six-straight series wins. Also, a lot of the great play has been catered to Tracy. Since he has taken over, the team seems to be playing much looser, and are smiling more, which is evidence that they are having fun on the diamond.

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Draft Preview: What do the Knicks need at the No. 8 spot? posted on 06/18/2009

Knicks great, and current assistant to the President of Basketball Operations, Allan Houston represented the Knicks on draft day, and brought along a special lucky charm –– Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson.

Although grabbing the eighth spot wasn't as high as they would have hoped, the spot isn't bad at all, especially with the talent at the guard position in the pool.

And if history proves itself again, just like it has oh so many times, the eighth spot is golden. Since 1985, current NBA stars drafted eighth include Andre Miller, T.J. Ford, Rudy Gay, former Knicks Jamal Crawford, current Knicks Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox. Former player, Vin Baker, who was also taken at No. 8, was an All-Star with the Milwaukee Bucks in 1993.

While Knicks GM Donnie Walsh is confident that the Knicks will get a starting-caliber player, recent history has suggested against it. In the last five drafts, the No. 8 selection has been: Joe Alexander, Brandan Wright, Rudy Gay, Channing Frye (Knicks draft pick) and Rafael Araujo. There are no All-Stars among that group, while only Gay is a starter.

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Knicks best and worst in the NBA Draft (opinion) posted on 06/16/2009

Knicks best and worst in the NBA Draft

If you read my previous piece about the evolution of the NBA Draft, and how its become one of the most watched drafts in all of professional sports, it's only fitting that I elaborate further by providing the three best and three worse in New York Knick history.

Especially since the draft is right around the corner.

Also if you recall, the 1989 draft was the first one that was condensed to two rounds, rather than the near 20 it used to be in the early days. I will only go based from the '89 season and beyond.

So yea, that does not include the great draft picks of Richie Guerin ('54), Willis Reed ('64), Mark Jackson ('74) and Patrick Ewing ('84), just to name a few.

I will begin with my Top 3 best, then go into Top 3 worse.

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Lack of fundamentals causes Mets loss, Yankees win posted on 06/13/2009

I love the killer attitude by the New York Yankees in their recent 9-8 victory over cross-town rival New York Mets, but they shouldn't have won the game.

I'm much more of a Yankees fan than a Mets fan, but generally when it comes down to it, I am a baseball fan. What happened at second base to end the game was sloppy and could have very well been avoided.

There are times where one hand is necessary to catch a ball. This was not one of them.

Hey, Luis Castillo. The winning run was on base and there were two outs. Do everything possible to catch the ball. Hey, how about using two hands to catch the ball, assuring that you make the catch. I'm just a fan, and it's just a suggestion, but it might be something you should do next time out.

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