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Guide to Coors Field posted on 06/24/2009

Let's face it. Most people don't go to enough Rockies games each year to figure out the best way to attend a game. Here's my guide for making the best out of a Rockies Game.

Preperation: Bring your wallet, walking shoes (not very fancy/expensive), your cell phone, a sharpie and your tickets to the park. You also should wear a Rockies cap, because A. They look cool, usually B. It shows support. C. The sun is blinding over Left Field at night games and, well almost anywhere during day games D. What better occasion to wear a baseball cap than at a baseball game. Don't bring a glove (Beer spills at Coors Field a lot and you don't want it on your glove or nice shoes. Plus, if you're over 12 and bring your glove to the game, well then there is a problem). Ladies, don't bring a purse to the game, it will get ruined and it'll be a pain to carry through all the crowds. Put cash in your pocket and call it a day. Your cell will come in handy to call friends at the stadium so you can wave mindlessly at no one in particular and ask if they can see you. You can also snap embarassing pics of your friends and family (Chowing in to a burger, dog, burrito, etc usually makes for a funny pic) and send them to the jumbotron. There are also lots of polls via text you can vote in. But do yourself a favor, turn off the email function if your phone has it. A ballgame is a time to relax and get away from the rest of your life. Don't take calls that could be stressful, don't email on your blackberry; just enjoy the game.

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